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Christmas Picks with Annabel Brocks

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would focus this blog on sharing some of my favourite Annabel Brocks picks with you. So if you need a little last minute gift inspiration or you are looking to treat yourself then take a look at my top picks below….plus you can get 15% off all of the items listed using the code ‘NICOLECHRISTMAS’

1. Faux Fur Reversible Head warmer

Honestly these are like a warm cuddle for your head! Unbelievably comfortable and so cosy you won’t want to take it off. There are thirteen different colorways on the website so something for literally anyone!

2. Black sweatshirt with animal print elbow patches

One of the newly launched sweatshirts! These are so flattering and the elbow patches add an extra little glitz as we head into Christmas. They also go amazingly with the earrings mentioned below!

3. Three Tier Free Spirit Earrings in black, gold & silver

These earrings add an extra special va-va-voom to any outfit and they are perfect for the festive season! They are really light, made of beautiful soft leather and make you feel like a million bucks when you wear them. Toby is also a big fan, gets quite upset when I’ve taken them off and spends a good deal of time inspecting my ears, declaring ‘oh no’!

4. Navy sweatshirt with sequin rainbow elbow patches

Who doesn’t love a few sequins, especially at this time of year?! Easy to wear with a lovely flash of sparkle, this jumper really will take you anywhere. Plus £10 from each sale on any item in the rainbow collection goes to NHS Charities Together.

So there you have it, my top picks from Annabel Brocks this Christmas. Go and check out the website for more items and don’t forget that you can use the code ‘NICOLECHRISTMAS’ for 15% off any of the above items and in any of the head warmer styles.

Happy Shopping!!

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