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Eventing Round Table: Lower Back Pain

Last week I teamed up with four of the best professionals in the business to talk lower back pain in Equestrians. Why you get it, how you can avoid it and how you can help make it better.

We talk about why back pain is so common in riders, what are some things riders can do to help prevent low back pain, and a few other topics all related to helping riders stay away from pain. ⁣

Featuring Tony Sandoval from Coach Sando Training, Dr. Jenni Douglas from Event Fit Rider Performance, Natasha Gunston from The Eventing Physiologist and Lisa Bauman from OM Riding.

Check it out and please leave us your feedback. This was our first session and we would love to hear how we can better help you. We will be continuing to tackle various topics related to equestrian performance so stay tuned! ⁣

If you have topics you would like us to cover, leave those in the comments below. 👇⁣

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