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Training with Coach Sando - Week 1 Update

Time for a training update! Last week I told you how Coach Sando had offered to help me improve my posture & strength over the next couple of months. When a man like him offers to help then it is definitely something that you take seriously! He’s coached some of the top riders in the US and has an online platform which means he can train me on a day to day basis even though we are in different countries.

Toby 'helping'!

Week 1 was very much about helping to improve the mobility & strength in my back which I have to admit was pretty poor! Watching back a few videos from the first exercises I did I was amazed by how stiff & immobile I am. Tony has set me various exercises specifically to help with this and in order to fit them in at the moment I am trying to do 4 or 5 every day just around whatever I am doing. I’ve increased my water intake too, definitely a good habit to get into.

What have I learnt so far?

· I am TERRIBLE at counting to 10! I can basically count 4 reps before I lose track & wing my way through thinking ‘ah maybe just one more to be safe!’.

· Watching the videos that I send to Tony has made me so much more aware of what I am doing. Would thoroughly recommend videoing yourself doing a few exercises & watching them back to see where you can improve and what you did well. We do it with our horses so why shouldn’t we do it with ourselves too?

· You can make a real difference in a week! My back is moving far more & I haven’t had any of the pain I thought I would have after a tough session.

· It’s a great excuse to treat myself to some new Holland Cooper Equi Leggings 😉

What’s next?

· I think things will start to ramp up in Week 2, I’m looking forward to learning a few new exercises but have no doubt my new found mobility will be put to the test a little more!

· I will be starting to track my protein intake too, I definitely think this will make me more aware of what I am eating.

This photo is a good example of my poor posture. Toby just casually carrying a dog bowl around!

So, Week 1 is done. Looking forward to seeing what progress we get in week 2 now. I won’t lie, I’m still slightly nervous! Probably not as nervous as Oliver who gets a ‘just try this & see if you can do it’ every time I learn a new exercise…!

That’s it for now, will keep you posted!

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