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Training with Coach Sando - Week 3 Update

What a difference a week makes! This time last week I was really struggling and it had a been a tough week as I outlined in my last post. Fast forward a week though and, dare I say it, I’ve actually been enjoying it (shhh don’t tell anyone)!

The turning point came last Friday, I was overtired, finishing work late after Toby had gone to bed and I got to the stage where I had a workout to do but actually I was just running on empty. I messaged Coach Sando Training and admitted I was struggling, asking if I could move this workout to the Saturday instead.

I actually felt really guilty about it, like I had failed by admitting defeat. But, I channelled that guilt into determination that I would do it justice when I completed it on the Saturday and I really did. I came away with the full body shakes (I’m assured in a good way!) and a brand new motivation for the week ahead. I was also pleasantly surprised when Sunday came and I had no real soreness from working extra hard. Coach Sando obviously knows what he is doing rather than my usual method of just working out like a bull in a china shop and then regretting it for days!

So the week improved and even the HIIT session on Thursday (the lowest point of the week before) went well.

What have I learnt?

  • It’s ok to admit defeat and make a new plan (as long as you make and stick to the new plan!)

  • My new Holland Cooper leggings don’t have magical powers that make me go faster or jump any higher but at least I feel good while I’m trying 😉

  • Food wise I’ve slipped a little more than the previous week, I am working on 3 balanced meals per day with protein and carbohydrates (yes I am encouraged to eats carbs now!!), but I didn’t plan it as well as I should have so I grabbed food on the go a little too much. Something to work on for next week.

What’s next?

  • I really need to keep the motivation up so I am trying to make notes of what I did that worked this week so I can keep up good habits.

  • Now I am fairly comfortable with what each of my workouts entails and my limits I think I can start to push them a bit more.

  • Tony has given me four workouts for the week ahead including three that are particularly focussed on core strength and then a (dreaded!) HIIT workout. I’ll be walking and stretching too on my ‘off days’ so lots of chances for my body to recover....I hope!!!

Looking forward to week 4 – I’ll keep you posted!

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