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Training with Coach Sando – Week 4 Update

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Where on earth did the last 4 weeks go?! A month in and I’m definitely feeling the benefits and have been pleasantly surprised that some of the exercises felt easier. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure they are far from perfect still, but good progress!

I thought you all might like to know more about how the relationship with Coach Sando (Tony) works seeing as he is in America and I’m in the UK – technology is an amazing thing!

The CTS Fitness App

· Stores all of my programmes and tells me what I should be doing each day.  Every exercise has a video showing me how it should be done properly. For someone who can remember a lot of very random things easily I’ve discovered I’m  USELESS at remembering exercises so love this feature!

· The chat function allows me to send Tony daily videos of a couple of exercises so he can feedback about what is good & what we need to improve.  It’s so important to make sure technique is correct and this gives him the opportunity to make any changes to the programme as well.

· The app has lots of very cool features including linking to Fitbit, storing photos, measuring goals and a calendar that shows the programmes coming up.  They all help to give a clear picture on how the week has been going and means that Tony can follow my progress every day and I can ask any questions I have straight away.

Every Tuesday we have a video call catching up on the past week, talking about what has worked and what we can change for next week.  This blog has been really useful for me to prepare for the call as it’s so good to actually sit and think about how things have gone and what went well or not so well.

In this case the first time I did some quadrupled shoulder taps I got into position (you go into a resting position of being on all fours with your knees lifted off the ground - resting is probably the wrong word!), you then take a hand off the floor, holding position to tap the opposite shoulder. I took one arm off the floor but my remaining arm gave way and I basically just face planted the floor...! I like to think it was because I was taken a little by surprise but I imagine it was probably just plain old weakness. Delighted to say I can do this one now!

Prior to starting this journey I had been curious and slightly sceptical about long distance training rather than face to face but I’ve been amazed by the attention to detail.  I think that the progress logging along with the regular contact and updates with Tony has actually meant that the programme is more effective for me than anything I’ve ever tried previously.  Accountability is an amazing motivator!

So what is in store for the week?

It’s the last week of this specific programme before Tony creates a fresh plan, I really want to see the difference from when I first attempted it 3 weeks ago so I plan to go all out before things get even harder next week…!

I promised I would do a couple of video exercises to show you the kind of thing I’ve been doing (100% of people said yes when I asked if Instagram viewers would like to see them so I seem to have backed myself into a corner!!).  I haven’t forgotten but I have managed to smash the camera on my phone which has made it a little harder. They’ll be coming soon I promise!

So onto week 5, if there is anything you’d like to see in particular, or if you’ve any questions for Tony, then please comment below.

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